The Aboyne and Deeside Festival is pleased to be able to present once again a full calendar of events during the summer run. We, the committee, are always exercised to find the right blend of performances for our community and try very hard to achieve a balance which will include "something for, well if not everyone, for many." So in this introduction to our brochure for 2019 I want to thank them all very much indeed for their hard work and enthusiasm. I hope that you will find this reflected in the following pages as you browse our menu of events.

Our line up includes some very familiar local performers, a fact of which we are rightly proud. This year we have also sought to attract one or two high quality acts from outwith the area who have a wide following or are widely known outwith Aberdeenshire. We remain very supportive of other groups who are also involved in providing a platform for the showcasing of artistic skills and encourage you to note their events as advertised. I hope that I will see many weel kent faces over the extended fortnight of the Festival and newcomers to it as well. It remains for me to thank you for your interest and support and to wish you every enjoyment in the events you choose to go to.

Yours sincerely
Frank Ribbons

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